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Autumn 1

Autumn project 1


Below you will find the details of your first homework project.


For this Cross Curricular topic our focus is ‘Ancient and Loyal’. Over the next few weeks you must research the Civil War, particularly the battle of Wigan Lane. You should take ideas from your own research and the cross curricular lessons to make your final product.  Your final project must be related to the battle of Wigan Lane during the Civil War and with the focus on presenting information.


You must choose at least one from the following to present your research:


  • Artwork
  • Model
  • Craftwork
  • Any other craft/booklet/presentation that represents your findings
  • Poster – must be detailed and exciting
  • Build a model/structure
  • Leaflet
  • Information booklet


Remember to really impress your teachers try to include both research information and a handmade model/craftwork!


Some project ideas to get you started:



  • The Civil War timeline

  • Memorial statue

  • Fact file

  • Powerpoint presentation

Your project should:

  • Be your own work (help from parents is fabulous and encouraged but the project is yours).

  • Be accompanied by a fact page explaining the reasons/ history/ background to your project.

  • NOT be pages printed directly/copied straight from the Internet/ books (these are brilliant for research but please write in your own words). 

  • Be fun and reflect all the hard work you have done in school


Have fun and get creative!




Projects should be complete and in school to share and celebrate by:

Monday 10th October 2016