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Autumn 1

The Norman Conquest


In this topic we will be focusing on The Norman Conquest exploring history from the start of 1066 - we will create a chronological overview of the time period. In addition, we will examine historical documents and sources and and explore the use of propaganda. We will have many opportunities for writing across the curriculum, such as: a diary entry from the perspective of King William, a non-chronological report about the period and a critical analysis of historical sources.


In art we will create a model Bayeux Tapestry that depicts a story from one of our Talk4Writing wishing tales. We will use printing and overprinting to create the design.


In reading we will be exploring many skills such as: fact retrieval, inference, word meaning and summarising.


In writing we will explore The King's Wish and write our own version of a wishing tale.


In maths we will cover place value, geometry and elements of all four operations.


In science we will learn all about light with a focus on experimenting and predicting results.


Our games sessions will cover invaders, bootcamp and healthy bodies.