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Autumn 1

Week 1 - I am Special!

This week has been full of adventures for both staff and the children in Reception. The children have been exploring the classrooms, learning about school routines and having fun in provision making lots of new friends. We are exceptionally proud of them and their parents who have been very brave when dropping off their children on their first week of school. This week the children have especially enjoyed painting a self-portrait of themselves which will be displayed in the cloakroom. 



Week 2 - Me and my Senses!

This week we have been learning all about our senses. Following the children's interests of leaves falling off the trees - we went on an Autumn walk, exploring with our senses. We talked about what we could HEAR outdoors - the wind howling, the branches rustling and the leaves crunching as we walked over them.  We looked with our sense of SIGHT to see the changes in colour of the leaves. We collected fallen leaves to create Art with. We found berries and with our sense of SMELL talked about the different aromas we could smell. We collected fallen acorns and pine cones and used our sense of TOUCH to explore them. The children used vocabulary such as smooth and spiky to describe how they felt. We saw fall apples on the floor under the apple tree. We talked about baking apples in a pie and what this might TASTE like. After all that hard work, we went back to class to taste apples from the fruit basket. YUM! 

Week 3 - My Home and My Family!

This week the children have been learning about homes and families. They have each shared about their own home and family life in circle time. They have drawn illustrations of the people most important to them and give meanings to their marks. They have built models of their homes and re-enacted their own home routines out in the role-play area alongside their peers. We have talked about how family and family routines make a house a home. 

Week 4 - Fiction Text - Mouse House!

This week the children were surprised to find Mick the mouse asleep in a match box in the reading corner! They knew his name was Mick because next to the match box was a letter. The letter was from Mick introducing himself and asking the children to help keep him safe as the human family had evicted him and his family from their home. This week the children have wrote Mick a letter back, constructed him a house, painted pictures of Mick and his family and have role-played parts of the narrative. Over the next two weeks the children will continue to explore the story of the Mouse House and engage in play and focused activities specific to the text. 


Week 5 - Shape and Balance!

This week the children have been learning about shapes. They explored both 2D and 3D shapes and they have also been on a shape hunt around school. The children have had fun drawing pictures with 2D shapes and building models with 3D shapes. This week the children have also been learning how to balance in PE. The children have also learned how to balance equipment and how to move this equipment with good control. They have also learned how to use their balance to help them throw on target. They have also enjoyed working with their friends and learning to take turns and work as a team.


Week 6 - Judaism and Autumn Art!

During this week’s whole school multicultural week, the children have enjoyed exploring the faith of Judaism. They have learned about people’s daily lives in the Jewish community.  They have learned about the different symbols of Judaism and Jewish celebrations. In the practical area, the children have enjoyed using fallen leaves to create Autumn Art work. The children have enjoyed exploring the Autumnal changes that they are beginning to see outdoors.