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Autumn 1

Here I am - Autumn 1



During this term the children will be writing 'A wishing Tale'.  They will be focusing on the story of Aladdin and learn a story map.  The children will focus on saying and holding their sentences, using capital letters and full stops and applying their phonics.  Children will be challenged to join two sentences with 'and'. 


During the autumn term the children will be focusing on reading their decodable texts linking to the phonics phase they are in.  They will be asked simple questions about the text.



The children will begin the year by focusing on their numbers.  They will practise counting forward and backwards to 100 in 1,s 2,s 5,s and 10,s.  They will

learn how to compare capacity, length and mass/weight. Finally , they will look at solving addition and subtraction calculations within 20.   




 This term the children will learn all about the domestic church in the topic families.  They will also be learning about the Sacrement of

Baptism and how it enables people to belong to God's family in a special way.



This term the children will begin by identifying the parts of the body which can be seen and link them to their senses. They will talking about what they can see, hear, taste, smell and feel. Children will identify and sort domestic and wild animals and move onto naming the body parts of animals.




The children will learn to take a photograph and will print it with support from the teacher.  They will practise their word processing skills and will also learn to use different painting functions on the computer.



This term the children will be completing Real P.E Unit 1. During this unit the children will be focusing on movement patterns on the floor and practising their static balance.


 This topic has a social focus so alongside learning these skills the children will also be learning to  ask for help when appropriate , work on simple tasks by themselves and  follow instructions and practise safely.



 The children will begin the term by looking at the features of the school and will explore the school  grounds and make a map of what they find.  They  will then explore the features of Wigan considering what they like and dislike about their town.  Children will begin to consider how their town is different to others.


D and T

During this topic the children will be making a wishing well linking to the writing topic 'A Wishing Tale.'  Children will explore the tools and materials and will suggest different ideas for making the wishing well.  They will begin to make simple plans and will use their plan to help construct their wishing well.



The children will explore different sounds.  They will work in groups to begin to sequence sounds and use musical instruments to perform to others.