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Art Club

Art Club takes place every Wednesday dinner time in West Wing and is open to Y4,5 and 6's.

A recent project has been disgusting Halloween heads. We have used paper mache to create our head shape and have added 3D features and detail using newspaper - trust me they are a lot more scary than they sound!

The projects we take part in are influenced by events in the year. For example last year we made Christmas puddings which looked good enough to eat! Christmas paper chains, Mothers day cards, Fathers day certificates, created a back drop for confirmation which is displayed in church, we made badges and bookmarks which we sold on the playground to raise money for Children in Need,  decorated biscuits for the queens diamond jubilee and much more...

There are some links below to websites that all you creative minded people might find interesting: - National Gallery of Art (Kids section)

Resources for you to use at home will be added throughout the year.
Picture 1 Inspiration for our upcoming Christmas project :)
Picture 2 Small sample of pop-up Mothers Day cards
Picture 3 Cubism
Picture 4 Cubism
Picture 5 Cubism
Picture 6 Badges!
Picture 7 Children in Need fundraising
Picture 8 Children in Need fundraising
Picture 9 Christmas pudding - yum!
Picture 10 Christmas pudding - yum!
Picture 11 Christmas pudding - yum!