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At Saint Patrick’s Catholic Primary School, we teach the Art National Curriculum through theme weeks. These weeks give us time to focus on and practise a variety of key skills, build on these throughout the week and finally apply them within the children's final pieces. The children will develop these key skills while exploring and learning about the work and style of a particular artist.  


Please see below some photographs of Art in Year 4.

Autumn 1: Vincent Van Gogh; Self Portraits


In Autumn 1 Art Week, Year 4 looked at the work of Vincent Van Gogh and studied his painting techniques. They learnt how to use lines to create texture, depth and movement and how to add shade and tint with acrylic paint. They used these new skills to create a self-portrait in the style of Vincent Van Goh.

Summer 1: Village Settlers; Claude Monet


In the Summer term, Year 4 explored the work of Claude Monet and the techniques he used to paint landscapes. Claude Monet applied paint in small dabs and strokes, to his paper, and built up the colour. Monet never mixed his colour pallets, he simply applied paint on top of paint to create texture, dimension, shade and tint. The children then created their own rainforest landscape inspired by the style of Claude Monet.