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Whole School Curriculum Overview

The Talk for Writing approach has been used in English lessons across our school (including our Early Years Foundation Stage) since May 2017. Using core story patterns and non-fiction texts from Year 1 to Year 6, we immerse our learners in the text in order to equip them with the tools and empower them with the creativity and confidence to become effective independent writers across the curriculum. 


As a whole school, we are currently following the same story pattern each term in order to create a bank of model texts and to generate a clear perspective of how learning is built upon throughout the year groups and key stages with relation to pitch and expectation. 


The table below provides an overview of our fiction and non-fiction text coverage throughout the year. 



Autumn 1 Wishing Tale
Autumn 2 Rage to Riches Tale
Spring 1 Tale of Fear
Spring 2 Conquering the Monster Tale
Summer 1 Warning Tale
Summer 2 Journey Tale




Autumn 1 Persuasive text
Autumn 2 Discussion text
Spring 1 Information text
Spring 2 Instructional text
Summer 1 Recount
Summer 2 Explanation text