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Hello and welcome to our website page from all the staff who work here at St. Patrick's Nursery.

Day in, day out we aim to provide our children with a fun and exciting learning environment in which they feel confident as they learn and are happy whilst developing their independence.


We will take great pride throughout the year in sharing our children's exciting learning journey with you.


Our Friendly Staff:

Mrs Barry is our Phase 1 Nursery Leader and is our Nursery Morning Teacher

Mrs Swan is our Nursery Afternoon Teacher

Mrs Worthington is always happy to help

and on some days you will also see 

Mrs Finch, Miss Hill, Miss Freeman

and Miss Radcliffe.


Together we go above and beyond for all our Nursery children.


If you wish to discuss anything regarding your child's progress or general well-being 

you are more than welcome to come into Nursery and talk to us.

You are more than welcome to speak with any member of staff when you drop off/pick up your child at the Nursery entrance.

If this is not possible then please ring the reception and

ask to speak to us over the phone.

Thank you.


We want you to feel totally comfortable and have every confidence in us as you leave your children in our care.


Please remember to send your child to Nursery with spare sets of clothing, especially extra pairs of

underwear incase of toilet accidents

or overindulgent messy play.


This is very much appreciated.