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Saint Patrick's Catholic Primary School Curriculum

At Saint Patrick's Catholic Primary School the Curriculum Manger has created our school Cross-curricular cycle. The cycle is a two year cycle which incorporates all the foundation subjects and highlights key driver subjects as identified by the new curriculum.  

Planning, Teaching and Learning

Each topic is given a clear title which allows all the subjects to be linked. The topics are taught using objectives from the new curriculum. These objectives are assigned to individual year groups. However as we teach in mixed year groups the children will work on the two years worth of objectives relevant to the year groups they are in over the two years. We have used objectives purchased from Focus Education's publication 'Weaving the Curriculum' to plan and assess against. The published objectives are small step objectives which relate to an over arching objective from the new curriculum. This allows us to clearly differentiate and pin point teaching to support the children in the achievement of the new curriculum.

Assessing our Curriculum

Also using Focus Educations publication 'Weaving the Curriculum' the school has developed their own assessment and tracking system that will track, assess and level children against all curriculum areas. This has been implemented from December 2013 and will give measurable data for all children across the school. Subject leaders under the guidance of the Curriculum manager and SLT have access to the data for their subject and are able to analyse the information and develop their subject in accordance to their findings.

Please click here to access information about individual subjects.